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Ok....so I'm on the other side!! I fainted before the procedure when they put a fluid drip in as I was so dehydrated, was out of it when my PS marked me up and then felt 100% better after if fluids and panadol before being properly sedated! What a drama queen hey, anyways woke up well not too groggy. Slept on and off throughout yesterday. Was dying to drink but had to wait a further 6 hours after procedure to have fluids, nurses gave me ice cubes to suck thank goodness. Sore and swollen as to be expected, felt better after iv removed this morning and I'm now at home resting in bed with my mountain of pillows behind me. My  bruising is quite bad as I needed to have clexane (anti clotting med) during and after procedure as I have factor V maiden (clot easier than others)..I'm not shocked at the result, feel quite pleased so far (I think looking at lots of before and after on forum has prepared me for worst) My left breast is sitting higher than the other but I'm well aware patience is required before seeing finished result. Have attached some pictures, thanks for your kind words and support!???



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So glad to hear to hear all went well @Nic#460cc and results are looking good!

Hope you are not too sore with the combined lift and BA.

Funnily enough I carry the Factor 5 Leiden gene too (but only the single gene) So generally I don’t have issues with it.

Hope recovery is going well and rest up ?

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