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Finally considering a revision - Brisbane Plastic surgeons?

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I used to be quite active on here many years ago and feels weird coming back for a revision.  

I pretty much knew day 1 there was something wrong with my left boob and even told them that day and continually.  Eventually they agreed i did need a revision as my pocket was made too small and the implant couldn't fit.  I was too scared too go back to them (wise choice).

Nearly 5 years years later,  a boob that had a snoopy look to it and now getting pain,  I've decided it's time to risk it and get it fixed. 

I'm looking for a plastic surgeon around Brisbane/Gold or Sunshine Coast who is good with revisions. I don't care how much they cost if they are excellent surgeons with a lot of experience.  

Would love to talk to other women who have had or are having revisions too..

Thanks in advance xo

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i had revision for bottomed out implants with Dr Theo Birch on the Sunshine Coast and he’s done a great job. I live on the coast and really wanted to have my surgery done here but I also consulted with Dr Phil Richardson in Brisbane who I know has a great reputation and was very knowledgeable. I personally preferred Dr Birch overall. 

Good luck with your revision! I know how stressful it can be X

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