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So, thanks girls for your support. I had my surgery on Tuesday night 7.30pm. Dr Marie Rostek was the plastic surgeon who did my surgery as Tim Brown was overseas. I was the last person on surgery list late in the day which bothered me a little (because people are obviously tired etc) but after meeting her I felt like I was the first person she was seeing for the day. All of the support staff & nurses were truly amazing (at Belura Private Mornington) at a time when I was utterly devastated and vulnerable. They really cared. I had both implants removed, my right breast had a 60ml haematoma which had pooled under the nipple and my left breast had 15ml haematoma. Right breast implant was replaced with a fresh implant and my left was removed, cleaned out and replaced. So I'm back to square one with recovery but feel better this time. I was terrified my boobs would look like a dogs breakfast after second round of surgery so soon but this is not the case. They look amazing now and will hopefully continued to so so. This has been a massive setback for myself and especially my family who rely on my. I will be very interested to see how well I recover without complications. The blood clots were the reason I felt no improvement over 3 weeks after the 1st surgery, but it's hard to know what to expect when you're traveling down a new path. 

I am still in hospital taking IV antibiotics and pain relief and will possibly go home tomorrow or Saturday. 

I have attached a picture I took yesterday when dressings were removed. I am also wearing stretchy tubing to help keep things firm. 

This is obviously not what I anticipated (apparently 1 in 20 BA/BL patients experience haematoma) but I am grateful and happy to have been in such wonderful hands to correct the problems.

Now I'll get busy (Not busy) healing! Hope you are all well xxx


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So glad the surgery went well and you are getting great medical care from everyone.  So interesting that the pain levels you were experiencing from the first op were obviously a sign something was not quite right.  Hopefully everything will be back on track for you now.

Your scars look suprisingly good for just having a 2nd op three weeks after your first.

Take care and all the best with your recovery ?

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