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Recovery starts

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I’ve been seen by my surgeon. I have 525cc round implants. The 470cc didn’t fill out my excess skin from my massive weight loss. Both implants had double capsule, the left had 20ml of fluid around the implant and had rotated inwards. I love what I can see so far, in fact the first thing I did in recovery was sneak a peak. 

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Oh and both had a bit of capsular contracture. 

I just got my first proper look an hour ago. The first thing I did in recovery was take a look and then keep sneaking looks. Then when I first got up for my first wee my surgical bra was put on so standing up I had only seen my boobs in the bra. They are perfect! I’m so pleased I just wish I wasn’t bloated so I had a flat tummy to go with my new boobs but my tummy will go down. While it was very sudden needing my revision in a hurry it went well, the pain has been managed well and I already love my results. 

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