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Wirefree bra help

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Once I’m 6 weeks post op I’ve been told I can start wearing a soft cup bra as long as it’s wire free. I’ve looked online at Bras n Things, I’ve even looked in Big W as the Kayser range go to an F or G cup and I’m not having any luck finding my size. 

I was a 10E with 360 anatomical implants and now have 525 round extra high profile and I look a lot bigger. I’m estimating I will end up a 10F or 10G but who know until my implants settle. I prefer a wirefree bra with lightly padded/moulded cups and a proper back as opposed to a crop style top for more support. Also I don’t want to spend much money in case my size changes as my implants drop and fluff. 

I’ve looked on eBay and anything that would have been perfect starts at a 12 which will be way too big in the back for me. Any suggestions for me? My nips and nipple piercings are extremely visible through my surgical bra and all clothes I wear so I’m wanting the moulded cups to conceal them especially for work. Ive tried silicone nipple covers and they just drew more attention to my areola area as they left a little bulge even though I put them on properly. I don’t mind travelling to lingerie stores. I’m in Perth. 

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