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Just updating on my journey now I have reached 4 wks 4 days post second surgery to remove haematoma on both breasts. My breasts are slowly getting better and healing, I am now nearly 8 weeks post original surgery which has been quite an emotional journey and has taken it's till on me and my family. Anyway, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The left implant needs to drop in place so both breasts are even and hopefully my nipples will eventually be a bit smaller once swelling has gone down. If not I am already mentally prepared for revision surgery to correct the size/shape of my nipples. I have also started wearing a band at the top of my chest during the day to encourage the implant to move down, I am also using siltape at night to aid healing of scars. Another Drs appointment in 1 week to check progress and discuss further....I hope all will be well after the complications I've had. I have attached some recent photos.....








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