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Cosmetic Surgeons responsible for 73% of ALCL cases

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See below for latest post from Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons regarding the latest information regarding ALCL.
Ive asked permission from the authors to repost the journal article here for you to read. I will update if we get approval.



"The latest paper on BIA-ALCL was published yesterday in the @aestheticsurgeryjournal_asj with some new and interesting conclusions. 
Non-certified physicians (they call themselves ‘Cosmetic Surgeons’), despite performing the minority of breast surgery operations, were responsible for 73% of cases of BIA-ALCL.

A non-certified physician has not completed the extensive training a Specialist Plastic Surgeon undergoes and therefore are not certified as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). This paper reinforces the importance of researching your surgeon and ensuring they are accredited as a Plastic Surgeon."

Congratulations to #ASAPSMembers@drmarkmagnusson and @profdevafor publishing this insightful research."




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3 hours ago, Cupcake85 said:

I’m curious as to why cosmetic surgeons are responsible for such a high number of cases? If that was mentioned I’m half asleep I really didn’t sleep well and woke up super early. Very interesting. 

Professor Mark Ashton outlined earlier in the year three factors which must be met for ALCL to occur:

“The evidence suggests that rough texturing allows bacteria to grow on the surface and over time , usually 7-10 years, this can lead to ALCL” Professor Ashton states. However, he explains that the development of ALCL is dependent on three factors:

  1. Genetic predisposition (there has only been one reported case of ALCL in asian women)
  2. How the implant is inserted (A critical factor is that the implant is contaminated by a particular type of bacteria, common in tap water)
  3. Rough surface to the implant


Based on the above, I would suggest it is a combination of point two and three. I know for a fact, a high number of ALCL cases (Around 7 i understand) were attributed to one cosmetic surgeon in QLD. 

The reasoning that a high number attributed to cosmetic surgeons seems to suggest that not all cosmetic surgeons are either properly trained in inserting the implant without contamination (Plastic Surgeons follow the 14 point plan) but also many cosmetic surgeons exclusively used brazilian implants, marketing them as the best implants for their patients, stated that plastic surgeons dont use them because they require additional training etc etc - we now know that brazilian implants have the highest risk of ALCL much much higher than the other implants on the market.

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39 minutes ago, vlinder said:

i viewed the presentation from the aesthetic surgery journal in total but can't hear/ see any reference re=cosmetic surgery and the 73 % incidence of aclc ?       I know its sunday am but am i asleep ??

the abstract is only available online, not the entire article. You need a membership to access the full article. I have emailed the authors and asked if they could share part or all of the article with us, or if we could have a copy and reference the relevant portions for an article on the blog

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