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Noobie here! BA for moms

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Hey, ladies! My first was born 9 weeks ago. I’ve loved my boobs that came with the pregnancy; however, my milk supply was low from the start and I was forced to move to formula. Since my milk supply has started to dry and losing the baby weight, my boobs have deflated and shrunk almost back to original size. I figured I’d start here before consultations for information from moms who got BA after having kids and their experiences. Anything helps! Thanks, ladies!!

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Hi again MrsPeaches, 

I replied to your pm with a detailed summary of pregnancy, weight gain/loss and my experience. Also wanted to add because you have breastfed and your milk has likely dried up you likely do need to wait a certain amount of time before having surgery. It’s either 3 or 6 months after stopping breastfeeding from memory however every surgeon will have their own recommendations and rules. 

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Thank you for the pm! I know I’m no where near the consultation side of things. I just already miss the feeling of having fuller/larger breasts like I had a little over a month ago. This is such a great forum for someone like me who is still in the curiosity stage! I know I want BA soon, but I wouldn’t be comfortable having my little one be so small and having the procedure. 

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