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Has anyone had a botox lip flip. If so what was the cost, did you find you had a lengthened philthrum as that's what's happened to me. I hate it sooo much. Is there anything I can do to make this go away sooner? When did you start to see your lips go back to normal. My bottom lip sucks up into my top lip now at rest, its such an awful look... I'll never ever get botox anywhere near my lips again!! 

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Hey Peachesandmeme, I always get a botox lip flip with my lip fillers. I do like the effect, but it doesn't last very long, maybe about a month for me, if that. It definitely goes down after two weeks.

I don't have lengthened philthrum, just a much poutier look than with the filler alone. Not sure, if it depends on who does it and how they do it or maybe how much botox they use for the lip flip, I only have a very small amount, I think the cost is minimal, like 20$ on top or something like that.

Hope that helps.

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