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Andrew Greensmith

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Hey! I've been looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon for quite a while, Dr. Andrew Greensmith seems is the best in Melbourne, If anyone who had surgery with Dr. Andrew could share your experience and some before and after photos, I will really appreciate it! I come from an Asian background so it has been really difficult for me to find a surgeon who is familiar with Asian nose!

I'm going to have my consultation tomorrow, if anyone is interested I will absolutely keep you updated!

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Thought a consultation will clear out all the concerns but actually made me more confused...my nose doesn't have huge problems(thin bridge, slightly droopy tip) so I'm expecting a more cost effective surgery, relatively easy recovery to reshape my tip rather than lift it by much. I'm more concern with the front view rather than the side profile but still my asian background means I potentially don't have enough septal cartilage to harvest. Dr was very nice and provided me with a lot of information. But I guess I didn't walk in expecting likely rib cartilage + 1 night hospital stay + $23000 fee. and I'm worried if I somehow need a revision because of ageing or other reasons, I don't have any material left to harvest...

Very tough decision to make because you will never know until you get it done to tell if the result worth all the cost and pain... 

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I had 4 surgeries with Andrew Greensmith and needed to go to another surgeon for revision. New surgeon had to cut a lot of scar tissue away that was giving me a hump on my nose that I didn’t have before and had to thin the skin as it thickened up with all the surgeries. I didn't get a  lot of deprojection which is what I wanted.

i also was left with breathing problems and asymmetry. I also have the tip of my skin damaged and now my nose turns purple/red when it’s cold so it indicates poor blood flow there and I’m not a smoker.

if you want photos inbox me. 

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He is a skilled surgeon who has a great reputation among the surgical community.

One thing to think about though is that he doesnt purely focus on noses and does a fair bit of body work. I also noted that on the day of my surgery, I was one of at least 4 patients being operated on. (Compare that to someone like Dr. Marcells who I have been told might do just the one (or max two) surgeries on the day, and his fees appear to be pretty close in comparison).

My results are acceptable, but probably not worth the cost or the recovery to be honest. I am looking for a revision. 

If you do decide to go ahead, you must explain everything that you want changed and what you do NOT want changed. I found out the hard way and now am seeking a reversal of the changes made that were not agreed to, or not communicated to me prior.



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There are days that I really regret my decision and hate my nose. I wonder if the surgical plan was mixed up with another patient. 

Hopefully I am just that small percentage of unlucky ones who get an undesirable result.


If anyone had had a successful follow up revision with AG, would love to know. At this point my confidence is fairly low, especially reading Fish Lips experience.


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