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Help!!! Nicotine test before surgery


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After I paid my deposit I found out they will nicotine test me before my Mommy Makeover. I know I should t be a smoker anyways, but it’s really intimidating knowing one small mess up (smoke) will destroy my chance of surgery and all my money will be gone. For a smoker, it’s not so easy as “just quit”. Believe me I wish I never started! It’s an addiction. I HATE IT. How do they test you? Have you dealt w this? What did you do to be able to quit to pass? Please. I go Jan 28 2020 & I’m scared. I fear I won’t be able to quit for how ever long enough I’m supposed to. Really wish I would have known this before I put the money down. ?

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who is your surgeon?

A lot of surgeons do a nicotine test before surgery particularly for procedures such as a mummy makeover. You run the risk of considerably compromising your surgery results as smoking can cause delayed wound healing, necrosis of the healing tissue etc.

You definitely can quit smoking, believe me many of us have been through it ourselves. Would you consider hypnosis? I know some ,people who have had success with this method.

I can tell you, once you make it to the two week mark, it will become much easier. I would even consider patches or NRT until the end of the month and then go cold turkey

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