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4th Time a Charm?

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As a kid I broke my nose a bunch like maybe 6-7 times.

My senior year in HS I finally got my nose fixed. It came out ok but the right nostril had this weird thing in it (it was like a ball of scar tissue or the end of the septum) and the nostril itself was very closed (while the left was not) and it just didn't look great.

A few years later, I went back to the same surgeon to have this fixed. It came out pretty bad. My tip was now way too big and drooped down a bit. Same result with the right side. Literally same exact thing.

A couple of years after that I decided I wanted to have it fixed but I would go to the best revision specialist I could find. I wound up going to Dr. Davis in Florida. He was great. I felt very confident he would get the desired results.

Well unfortunately, I did not get the results we envisioned. At all. Now I did suffer a bit of trauma to my nose a few months afterwards, but nothing was broken. However, again, my right nostril is closed up, theres still a slight bump on the bridge, and the overall look is uneven with more definition on the left side and looks like theres scar tissue or something on the right side, making my nose look weird and it doesn't look straight either.

I can't really breathe out of my right nostril and honestly I hate taking pictures and looking at myself because it looks pretty deformed. I'm so upset about it. I was really hopeful that this was it, going to such a respected revision specialist would be the answer to my lifelong shnoz issues.

I've started considering going back to Dr. Davis for another revision or touch up (not really sure what is considered a touch up but he's used the phrase with me multiple times). But I'm worried about the potential results after 3 surgeries, never getting the results I wanted, and going through all of this again for no reason.

Has anybody had a 4th rhinoplasty and gotten the results they were looking for?

Has anybody had to go back to Dr. Davis or any other top notch revision specialist for a "touch up" or just more work in general?

Just looking for some advice and thoughts and any experiences similar.

Not sure what to do. Just frustrated and sad this is where I'm at once again.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you've not received the results you've wanted after so many surgeries. I know it must be extremely emotionally exhausting. Everything I've read online does state that Davis is one of the top revision surgeons in the US. I have considered him for a revision, but with covid, its unlikely to be any time soon. He is the only doctor who personally answered my queries via email after I was distressed about my rhino results (not by him).

Did he outline the issues that might have caused the change in shape? Is he going to charge you a whole new surgery fee?

If you are questioning whether this is the right step, then I would suspect there is enough doubt that its worthwhile to really investigate alternative surgeons, to see if any others can instill more confidence. 

There is a girl on Real Self who has had revision  surgeries with almost every high profile surgeon in the US and is still having issues. 

Have you had consultations with any doctors abroad or locally since? (Would love to know how you are progressing). 

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