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An usual situation...again? (NEED ADVICE)

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In my previous thread I outline the series of events, you can read through this link: click here

Long story short:

  • 2016 I get a rhinoplasty / septoplasty with a highly rated Dr in Melbourne
  • 2017 a year later my deviated septum is still an issue, I come onto these forums for advice and I'm recommended to get a revision by the same surgeon. The surgeon is particularly well known for revisions. I pay for the revision surgery.
  • 2020 Jan 8th I go to an allergist about breathing problems, thinking the reason I still can't breathe from my right nostril is allergies. I learn that my nose STILL is deviated.

I had the revision surgery just before I was going to move to the US, Dr and I made sure to book the date accordingly. I'm still living in the US and have found out the 26k+ I've spent on my nose still hasn't fixed my ability to breathe ? I've sent an email to their office, but honestly I don't know what to do...My recommendation for the Dr post has been up until now - but now I mean it's pretty ridiculous that this is still an issue. :( 


Any kind of idea/advice/thoughts on what I should do would be very much appreciated 

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Hi  Birdy,

I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you are having after two surgeries.

If its a deviated septum that is blocking the air flow, then an ENT should be able to assist and form the least invasive plan in rectifying. Do you know if your turbinates were reduced during the surgery? (I would try and get the surgical report to try and understand what was done).

I also had a revision and also appear to still have issues in my left nostril air flow, and now a very runny nose in addition to aesthetic issues

Too many stories I have read on RealSelf about surgeons having two, three or even four goes at trying to rectify issues on the same patient. Healing problems do occur, but i would get multiple opinions before going back to the same surgery. 

 I hope you find sone answers to identify the issue. 


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