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I was always painfully insecure of my breast size growing up which was less than an A-Cup. I saved my money and in 2012 at the age of 22 I underwent a sub-muscular breast augmentation to become more proportionate at 34B.

3 Months Post-Op, after removing the surgical bra, I noticed a severe dent that spanned across the middle of my breasts anytime I moved. I consulted with my surgeon at my final post-op and he told me that this was normal, and would resolve itself once the implants settled. I was instructed to allow one year and it should be fine.

A year came and went and the issue was no less severe. Before going to him again, I consulted with three other surgeons. Each surgeon told me that this was a severe case of muscle flex deformity. It can be a common issue that occurs just under the breast, but because my surgeon had placed the implants too low- the dents went into the direct middle of my breasts. I was told this occurs because tissue adheres to the incision site of the chest wall, and pulls anytime you flex (which, by the way, happens basically whenever you move).

I was told by each surgeon that it would never self correct and that the only way to correct it would be to re-do the entire surgery which would cost between $6000 and $8000.

I went back to my surgeon and he said to me "I will only do revisions within a year. You should've said something sooner".

I was furious, and devastated.

He clearly knew this would never correct itself, and was only protecting himself. I sought legal advice but due to the time that had passed I had no grounds to take action.

My breasts are so poorly done that I was considered to be on the show Botched, but did not feel comfortable being broadcasted to everyone being so deformed and opted not to go forth.

I am now 30. I have spent all of my 20s completely ashamed and feeling deformed. It has impacted my self esteem. My relationships, and obviously was a complete loss of almost $7000.

Being 9 years in, I am now noticing that the left implant is also now sitting lower.

I no longer want to be like this any longer. I can't spend all of my 30s looking like this also. My original surgeon, Dr. Bruce J Cusenz, has since passed.

I've started a gofundme. I realize this is no one's responsibility but my own. But I decided to swallow my pride and ask for help in hopes of feeling normal again.


Thanks to all for  listening


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I'm so sorry to hear your story. I can't imagine how much this must have affected you in relationships at such a young age, especially when the whole reason you got a BA was because you were insecure about your chest! It was so wrong of your surgeon not to correct this and waive his surgeon's fee. Understandably, hospital fees and anaesthetics fees can't be waived but this was his error and he should've worked with you to correct it. Are you working at the moment? Do you have children? What is your situation? Obviously, if you had the means to fix this I understand you would. I hope somebody can help you get the outcome you deserve. X

Edit: There is no shame going on botched if you're given the opportunity! Even if somebody you know does see you, they'll see what fantastic boobies you have after their work and will probably be jealous!

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