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Bras? Wireless Bras, sports bra brands? What are good?

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I have been told I need to wear wireless bras for the first 6 months. What are some good brands to look at that are still supportive?

I was also told to buy a sports bra in the next size up for after surgery - did you wear this for long? not sure if I should buy a throw away or what really!?!

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Hi :) I got a proper post surgery bra (only because I'm paranoid lol) and found it really comfy. The open front was soo good too as my incisions are in my arm pit so I can't put tops on etc its from here: http://www.statina.com.au/annazipperpost-opbra-1.html

Otherwise I have an Adidas sports bra in a size 10 (I'm an 8 normally but it's nice and comfy), and a sports bra from target that was like$10 when I wash my surgury one I have those as back ups.

My friends wore just the bonds crop tops and they were fine. A girl at work can't wear underwire bras (she hasnt had a BA though) due to them digging into her chest so she gets the wireless Victoria secret ones she said they're super comfy so I'm probably going to order one when I get back home from Bangkok.

Good luck xxx

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Bras and things have a comfort bra that has removable wires. I bought one today as it was super comfy with and without wires. Normally $49.99 but some colors are on special for $15 at the moment. If not I am wearing target sports crops which are $10 and bonds shapers crop tops which I picked up for $18

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It's called the "complete comfort bra"

Online the only one they have on sale is a pink one In 14DD but in stores they have more colours. I bought a light purple one today in Perth.

I really liked it as its a tshirt bra and can't see nipples :/ since they pop up randomly at the moment as the nerves are still healing

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