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Please help me decide.. Breast lift with or without implants?

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I'm hoping some of you can help me make up my mind about whether or not I should get implants with my anchor lift.

After a big weightloss and breast feeding I have gone from full E cups to saggy and deflated D cups.

I found E cups too big for me ( hard to find nice bras etc) but a full D cup I d be really happy with. Much smaller and I think my body would look disproportioned.

So far I ve insisted on doing the bl without implants. My main reason is that I'm worried about having to get the implants changed every ten years or so, the cost of that and any health problems if something goes wrong with the implants.

Because I ve always had reasonably sized boobs I never looked into implants. I don't have a clue about them. Obviously I want the best result possible and if my surgeon tells me at the consult that I'd only get the result I want with implants then I might go that way but I'd love to know from you guys...

1) What s your long term plan for your implants in regards to having to have them changed over a few times in your life?

2) what about the cost of change overs?

3) have you had any issues ( health problems etc) with your implants.

And if anyone can point me to a good website that covers the basic info about profiles, saline, gel etc I'd really appreciate it.


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Hi me again,

I was the same as you. I had reasonable sized breasts, so never had to think about implants, more where they sat lol. I really didnt want an implant. I decided to go with just a lift, I was also prepared that they may look smaller, which didnt bother me. I really wanted to be able to wear something as basic as a tshirt without looking booby. Anyway, I am about 20 days post op and am quite a bit smaller, but, very perky, and I am happy :) I also think these post op bras do nothing for you so I think when I put on a decent bra Ill look a bit bigger as well.


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