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All Bangkok, January girls - meet up!

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Hi girls, I am recovering in a hotel alone in the middle of lovely bangkok. I was wondering if any of you that are not too wounded would like to meet up for a coffee or a bite to eat.

Would love to talk to someone other than my family on skype. I am desperate to talk about the procedure etc and hear of others with some lovely stories.

Im here till the 20th. So if you want to meet up let me know either by this post or on my profile.

excited in anticipation of some replies

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Hi rubi, I fly into bangkok tomorrow arvo for my surgeries. One on the 15th a and one of the 17th. If I am feeling up to it I would love to catch up for a coffee. I will post on here to let you know if I am up for it hehehe. I am having to, lipo, to, BA and a lift. I am also staying at the Amari so I think it will be a definite that we can catch up. Cheers :)

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Ok. What I have been doing is dropping into a place called The Bakery house every afternoon around 4. Its connected to the Marriot on the outside. Its a lovely cafe/restaurant in Sukumvit. Its 3 mins walk from Bumrungrad so if anyone is staying near there then Ill do the same for the next week. I always sit outside so you cant miss me - not many anglo woman in Bangkok sitting on their own. Im here till the 20th. I hope I see one or 2 of you soon.

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Hi Rubii, I sent you a pm... I would be more than happy to meet up with you for a coffee and to share stories before you go home. I will try and be at The Bakery House by 4-4:30pm today. Will try and get on wifi to let you know if I can't make it for any reason. Look forward to meeting you. X

Hey Rubii, waited until 4:30... Hope you're ok. Have a safe flight tmr and look after your new self! X

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