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Revision Rhinoplasty

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Hi there. I'm thinking for getting revision rhinoplasty done as I've never been happy with the nose job I had done 30 years ago. I'm looking for a good or the best surgeon who can do revision rhinoplasty work.  I live in Sydney but am willing to travel interstate. Has anyone had this type of surgery done and/or could recommend a good doctor. Thanks.

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Hi there, I too need a revision for work i had done about 30 years ago but live in Melbourne. Have been researching for about a year and I always see Dr Marcels (not sure of spelling) and Dr Shahidi in Sydney.

Can I ask how old you are? I am 55 and concerned about such an op given my age. What are your thoughts? Thnx for sharing 

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I've been investigating surgeons that are the best for complex revisions in Australia as I badly need a third surgery.

After feedback from actual patients from RealSelf, Facebook etc and looking at qualifications, involvement in training and learning and a key interest in revision rhino, the only surgeon I would consider is Dr. George Marcells.

The consultation waiting times are very long, approximately six months. 

Another surgeon who is younger but has had training under Dr. Frankel in the US is Dr. Choroomi. He also has great feedback and often consults with Dr. Marcells on cases.


I am waiting for my consults next year, and will update my experience.

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I think if you're extremely self conscious of the appearance of your nose, and go to an expert doctor who has proven to have consistently good and natural results, then it can be very much worth it. 

If someone only wants a very minor change to their nose shape, then no, the risk is much too high, and it is the finesse work that is most difficult and only a handful of surgeons can perform with skill. 

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