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Ba & possible tt at piac end of 2013

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Hey all,

I am going through truly medical getaways for a BA & possible TT with piac.

The surgeons available are dr boonchai & dr rushapol.

I am really confused and was wondering if there is anyone who can send me pics or give me an insight into any of these surgeons.

I haven't been able to find any reviews on their work.

Also is there anyone who has had a TT and how was this for you,I am soooo scared of the pain.

I am only 23 but have had 3 kids with my partner of 10 years.

I feel completely ready to do this but just nervous of the pain and the results :/

Iam a size 10, and jus have a flab puch that won't go away no matter how much exercise I do.

Also in regards to the BA I want to go bigger and be a D cup, has anyone had 450cc's or more?

Can I see pics please?

I want the silicone , and they have advised of dual plane Implants as it is like a lift as well.

Thanks girls

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Yes he is fantastic would recommend him to anyone ....i have written a thread about my story im sure if yoou type in Dr Boonchais name and look for my name you will be able to find my story....

He will give you his honest opinion, that is what i really liked about him , he offered me to try 480cc but when i tried them he said to me that they would be to big and you would see the implant at the side of my boob.. He said 450cc is the most I should go with so thats what I got 450cc, textured silicone , round and dual plane.... My recovery was great not alot of pain a little niggles here and there nothing you cant handle.....I went back to my resort the next day and went out walking and shopping that afternoon and every other day after , even was passenger on motor bike....

now im 6 weeks post op and havnt looked back ....

you will be happy with your decision .....i will send you a friend request ....


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