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Lift at PIAC

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Hi ladies,

I had a BA done with Dr.Piyapas in June and fell pregnant a couple months later (my fiancé liked them haha)

But I will be going back for revision for a lift and areola reduction.

(I loved the results) but my poor skin type has caused a sag!

I wanted to go back with Dr.Piyapas but Bangkok hospital in Phuket costs about 2k more so I was

concedering going through PIAC instead.

So any ladies that have had revision lifts, augmentation lifts or areola reductions from a surgeon in PIAC please let me

Know as I will most likely be going with them.

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Hi big booty

Have you had bub yet ? Or if not when are you due ? I do remember in a tread you saying that you fel pregnant not long after your BA .... How have your boobs been whist preg ? Not that I'm thinking of having anymore bubs I have 5 lol, I can't answer your question about a lift as I choose not to have a lift with my BA but Dr Boonchai did recommend a lift , I only proceeded with a BA I'm happy enough ....if you do use Dr Boonchai you will be happy he is a little quiet but you talk and so will he.. He is quiet funny actually in the way he says things , truly he is an amazing surgeon ....

Goodluck with all


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