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Anyone made a claim on overseas surgery?

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Just on the topic of overseas surgery insurance, i know of the companies that do cover you and all the info.

I was just wondering if there is anyone who has actually made a claim on their surgery (BA or other) and if they were succesful in getting a pay out.

I am trying to decide if it is worth having insurance or not.

The wording in the PDS is making me unsure if it would be a simple process or if the company makes it difficult to get any money out of them.

Would love to hear from anyone with experience in this, even just experience in the insurance industry who could help make some sense of the jargon :) thanks!

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Arent they supposed to cover you for 6 months? Thats the difference between them and the other major one cant remember the name atm .. But the other one is only while ur in thailand... Which i thought was pointless as while ur there you can see the surgeon with any problems that may arise...

Its sounding like its not worth spending the money on insurance at the moment.. Other than standard travel insurance.

Good luck anyway :)

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