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Need help and advice to decide

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Hey :) I'm a Perth girl too!

Under the muscle and over the muscle do give slightly different appearances, the best thing I can recomend is find pictures of what you want your boobs to turn out like, and your surgeon will be able to tell you weather under or over the muscle will give that outcome. Also look online for before and after pics so you can see for yourself. I personally think under the muscle gives a more natural look as the implants are more concealed within your body.

For under the muscle, they actually have to cut through your pectoralis (chest) muscles which leads to a more painful, longer recovery. I'm choosing under the muscle because I want a natural look, and I would like to breastfeed in the future. Under the muscle is supposedly better for breast feeding because the implant isn't near the milk glands/ducts so it wont interfere.

These forums are a wealth of information for surgeon recommendations! I am deciding between seeing Mr Paul Quinn (not from this forum, but personal experience), & Mr Robert Allbrook because he is really well qualified, and probably Dr Peter Randle & Mark Lee from reviews on this site.

Good luck! xx

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That's right I feel as though I have done so much research that I will no what they are talking about when I go to see a surgeon but still have no idea what I want because there are so many options lol polishgirl I'm still just looking atm I can't decide on a surgeon yet but Hewitt and lee work together so I'm told so i guess it doesn't really matter who I choose out of the two, I'm hoping to have a BA by the end of the year :) how about you? I have thought about OS surgery but its all a bit scary I think but I haven't looked into it all that much either

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I'm hoping to have mine around June. I have 5 kids,the youngest is 7mths old and has only just started crawling on the weekend,so I want her walking by the time I have my BA so I don't need to carry her so much. Hubby works away so I can't always rely on him to help. Plus I want them done in the winter so by the time it's summer,my new assets are sitting well ;)

Ideally,I would prefer to get it done here.. But going OS gives hubby and I a long overdue holiday,and will give me time to actually rest,which doesn't happen when you have a house full of kids!. But... I don't know if I could leave them,particularly my youngest, for 10 days. And to go OS involves us flying my MIL over from NZ which is another cost for us,so for cost wise,it's not going to be much cheaper,if at all,to go OS. Just so many decisions really. But hopefully by the end of the week I will have more of an idea .

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You have made a really good point polishgirl getting them done in winter so they are settled by next summer I didn't think of that. and also your little one will be walking too so you won't have to put so much strain on yourself but also leaving the kids and booking time off work to go OS has its pro's and con's. it would be great for a holiday and healing time though wouldn't it.

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these are the benefits I found for unders

Lower occurrence of capsular contracture

Lower chance of rippling

Less interference with future mammograms

Less visible Implant

More natural appearance and feel to the breast

Better results for women with small breasts

Plus you can still breastfeed with unders if you where ever wanting to.

Thats pretty much why im going unders.

Good luck in deciding what you want : ) so much info to take in.

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I had my first BA done in Perth too in 2010

I went with Dr Chan who did a beautiful job, my only complaint was that I went too small which is why Im planning to go over to Thailand soon to have them replaced with bigger ones.

Under the muscle in my opinion is great, they feel real (boys never know!) and unless i wear a push up bra they look real too.

I just wish I had gone bigger!!

anyway Dr Chan was really great.

The way I found him was funny, I was working in a ladies clothes store and I complimented a lady on her breasts and she admitted they were fakies and then she let me feel them! She told me Dr Chan did them and that was that for me, my sister and I did them together with him.

The nurse at his practice will help you choose and she is really lovely.

Just make sure you go big enough!!

Good luck xox

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When I was researching for my BA I had chose under the muscle .....I never thought of any other but then at my consult my PS suggested dual plane ( where they split your pec muscle ) that's what I have ....so many things I never realised that is involved with having a BA ....


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I would definitely recommend unders - thats my personal opinion.

I think that they give a more natural effect - although I have seen some natural looking overs - your PS will be able to measure your breast tissue and he will know exactly what will looks more natural for you.

I have no idea about PSs in Perth, but I can recommend if you ever come to Brisbane, Dr Harwood is the man! Hehe.

What were you thinking of size, round or tear etc?

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It's sounds like unders is the way to go ? I think I want round. I'm still very undecided on exactly what I want but I don't want to regret getting too small but if I go too big I might look like I have gained weight if that makes sense ? I might just take a look at some pics book with a couple of surgeons and let which ever surgeon I decide on going with just help me with what look I want

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A good idea also would be to take photos from either girls from this site, or google etc. So he knows exactly what type of look youre going for. That is what I did.

I went as big as I could physically go and I have not looked back! :)

I was afraid of looking fat too, I know exactly what you mean, like heavier.

I tried avoiding extremely perky breast implants as they just look really fake.

Make sure you keep in mind, whilst you dont want to look heavier - I would recommend getting a bit of side boob to even out your frame eg. hips and waist.

:) x

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