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Eating disorder , nose job and 2013 year of great things

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Hi, I guess I'm just looking to share my weird excitement. I'm booked in for rhynoplasty in 20 days...eeeep and it occurred to me that I might ave an issue for some time after my surgery. I have been bulimic for the past at least 15 years, gone 2-3 days without binging and purging in that time. Now I'm not going to be able to do tht following my surgery. I'm disgusting I know, should ave picked a prettier eating disorder!

Now I have one some research on eating nd recovery of bulumia and I'm nearly in tears with the realization that I a, nw planning to finally stop this eating disorder, it won't be as easy as that, but I'm a strong and determined chick and will succeed M :)

This has been a struggle for me and the possibility of me being a normal person, wow! In fact Its been so long since I ' just ate' food. My anxiety around food s crazy, just to pick something to eat is a nightmare ( especially if on holidays with no place to purge) but!M

Today I ate three meals ( I'm meant to eat three meals and three snacks) initially I was like WOAH that's a he'll of a lot of food and was crazy anxious but now I'm seeing it as a challenge! Anyway, I'm amazed how much my nose job has already changed my life and I haven't even had it yet!

Do I just sound like the vainest person in the world? I'm not... Yet but can't wait till I'm smokin hot with my new nose and healthy bod!!

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I'm so excited for you, both for your upcoming surgery and your new goal of overcoming this eating disorder. I found having surgery was a fantastic motivator to get healthy and as fit as I could, because I had a date and a reason to work towards.

I have found, in the past when I am finding it hard to think of eating, I put up a list of 'super foods' on the fridge (20 or so of the best foods I could be eating- like berries, turkey, pumpkin, baby spinach etc) and then when I am struggling, I go to the list and pick something to eat. It helps me stay focused on healthy eating instead of obsessing over what NOT to eat.

Hopefully you can find support on here by checking in with this thread each day and letting us know how you are doing.

What sort of Rhinoplasty are you having done?

Congrats on today, keep us posted!

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Hi Homebru,

Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on making such a healthy decision. I know, its a hard one to make! Certainly sounds like 2013 is going to be a great one for you with lots of positive changes. I know I was the same in the lead up to my BA - quit smoking and got to the healthiest version of myslef pre op.

Good for you hun x

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