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Need advice ! Not happy about size.....

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Hi everyone :) ,

I had a reduction on one side and then 365cc implants in so I would have gone from an A-DD which yes sounds like a good size but to me the only look like a B with barely any cleavage, I've felt they were small from day one.

anyways I don't no what to do now, I have a consultation with my PS on Thursday and he's done a great job on getting them even ! But I'm a bit scared on telling him that I want to go bigger! Please help me on what I can say to him?

Has anyone else been in the same situation? They weren't happy with size and went back to the surgeon ? If so what happened?

Sorry for so many questions :)

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Hey hey :)

I've had my boobs redone because I wanted to go bigger. You shouldn't be scared asking your PS to go bigger, you would be surprised how many people go back and have surgery again just because they wanted bigger boobs. Its totally normal. And remember you're the one paying for the surgery.

I can see you have just had them done though? I would suggest and probably your surgeon will too, is to wait until they've healed and recovered from the first surgery. I had my second BA done about 14 months after my first. And it might pay off to wait this time to be sure this is what you want.

Talking to your PS would be the best thing to do and see what his opinion is.

Good luck :)

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I will wait at least a Year or so , I just don't want him to think that he has done a bad job because he hasn't there just not big enough for me.

We're you happy with your results the second time round? And if you don't mind me asking did you only have to pay for the hospital fees?

I will defiantly take some pictures in !

DD sounds like it would be big but to me it just doesn't feel or look that big!

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Don't be scared Craig won't care but you may find he'll try talk you out of going bigger tho. I felt the same after my ba. I called kat and told her how upset I was about my size. She was really good about it...when I spoke to Craig about it he wanted me to wait 12mths and gave me examples of why he thinks i shouldnt go bigger etc etc and said it normally works out to be about half price but wanted to make me happy so if bigger is what I want bigger is what he'll do. Anyways in the end I decided to not go bigger...some days I still want bigger other days I think they are big enough lol. good luck

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He can change them from 3months post surgery but likes you to wait the 12mths to make sure you really want bigger plus I got the polys (brazilians) and mine took longer then most others to fluff and soften. my ba was almost 2 years ago and my TT 8 mths ago. I actually will be in the to see him next Tuesday.

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Hi Loren :)

Just had a look at your pics. There's definitely a huge size difference from your before pic. They look bigger than a B that's for sure. And he's done a great job of making them symmetrical. I'd try and reserve judgement until they fluff completely and you see your final result.

How much bigger are you looking to go? Did you express your wishes to your surgeon during your consults, or have you found after surgery that a "DD" isn't as big as you thought it was?

Definitely have a chat with your surgeon and raise your concerns. Did he say what was the biggest implant your BWD would allow?

Good luck xx

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Hi everyone thank you so much for all this helpful information , I had a consultation with him yesterday just quickly and he said if that's what I wanted then he would do it but he wouldn't recommend it. I didn't get in to price or anything I already felt bad for asking if I could go bigger, but I wonder what the price would be for it? Yes I'm the same ! Some days I'm like yeah there big enough and others I wish I was bigger! I brought a padded bra and put it on and I love the size with the padded bra!

I will defiantly give them time to drop because there still sitting quite high. I just want to go one more cup size bigger , so probably another 100cc or so, my mum is a DD and hers are huge mine look like nothing compared to hers , I did think DD would be a lot bigger, I think I want to be about an E to an F, that sounds huge! But it isn't really when there implants if there natural there alot bigger I think. I got the biggest I could go for my BWD, it's just so confusing ! Can you go bigger than your BWD ? Is there just more risk once you go over? Decisions decisions ! If only I won tattslotto!

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