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Neck / back pain

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Hi ladies, does any of you who have had a BA suffer from back or neck pain due to size or weight of the implant? Can you really notice the weight of them?

I suffer from chronic neck pain every couple of months so just wondering if it will make it worse or not. I am not looking at anything too big :)

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Hi Miss Mel :D This question has been asked quite abit in the past ~ infact I think it was a question I asked when gathering all of my initial info :) The answer is, for me, NOPE you don't notice the weight of them at all... you more bump them on things though bhahahahahaaaaa!

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For the first few weeks i was hunching over and my neck and shoulders were a tad sore but after than all has been fine! i have never felt the weight of them either - but like Mrs B has said i occasionally bump them on things .... or rest them on counters or desktops which feels soooooo strange haha

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