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SORRY accidently posted in wrong section..no idea how to delete haha

Hi everyone,

I get my BA done this monday with Dr Piyapas! yay! :D getting nervous already but excited too!

Just doing some final reading around about complications and have a question for anyone who has had cc or knows much about it. Ive read people saying that its not the surgeons fault with this complication. So is it then the patients fault? is it simply caused by them not massaging enough or incorrectly? or is it more complicated than that?

Basically is correct massage a complete prevention?... or just to try aviod it?

Thanks in advance :)


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sorry wrong section
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To be honest Hannah, I haven't come across a definitive answer to your question. There are mixed views, the most common belief is that it is an immune type reaction causing the build up of scar tissue, which some people are more suseptable to, hence if you've had it once, you have a higher chance of having it again (although Brazilians have a lower rate to begin with) There is also evidence that massage can help reduce the chances of cc by keeping the scar tissue open and big enough to hold the implant, but some argue that it doesn't help (although most do think it does help and recommend it). There is also some belief that it can be a result of Dr, but not sure how/why. Best bet is to ask or find out what the Dr rate of cc is. It is very unlikely you will come across any surgeon who uses smooth or regular textured implants that hasn't had any cc in patients, but obviously if they have a particularly high rate, then one might be suspicous. In fact as a normal part of recovery and creation of the pocket, the body gets a mild form of cc (that is called grade 1 I think) which is actually just the creation of the scar tissue that becomes the lining of the pocket. If your body then starts making too much scar tissue, over time it can begin to tighten over the implant and this is what is diagnosed as cc. Probaby now as clear as mud! :p



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