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Hi ladies

They're in! I got the big ones!! 435cc!!!! I'm on my iPhone right now and it's a little impossible to type a huge story. I haven't even seen my girls out of the bra yet. But what I will say is, Dr Harwood and all of the nurses were AMAZING! I could not be happier with their services. They are all lovely people and very professional.

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Congrats!! How are you feeling?

Thanks amber :)

I'm feeling pretty great to be honest. I'd describe the pain as wearing rice sizers really tightly against my chest. But I'm watching Hall Pass and am totally aware and happy! Have no idea what they look like though so that's kind of interesting lol.

Honestly I have had period pains worse than this! But I am sure the pain will become worse and worse as the anaesthetic wears off. I wouldn't be surprised if this post makes no sense lol!!! Xx

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Congrats on your new boobies! Hopefully you're not in too much pain and can enjoy a few days rest watching movies (and posting on the forum haha)

How is your movement? Are you able to get up and down off the couch/ bed ok? Go to the toilet unassisted? hahaha (No-one has mentioned these things so far hehe)

can't wait to hear more updates?


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Currently watching the lorax and then hall pass! Have so many movies lined up. My butt hurts more than my boobs cause its been in the same place all afternoon haha. Just took my Valium!

I have not been to the toilet since like 7.30am hahaha. I think I will need to go soon though! Eeek! I can move my arms up fine, like I can brush my hair and there's no pain it's just if i go to twist my body ( I dropped one of my pills on the couch) it hurts. Its all still so surreal.

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