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Walking after surgery??

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I was reading in the information booklet today dr Phil Richardson gave to me it said I can do normal activities (like walking) 3 weeks after the operation???

When will I be right to start walking? I was kinder planning on browsing the shops, having a coffee, watching a movie or going out to dinner 2 -3 days after the operation while im at the gold coast. I understand I will be sore and still recovering.. I wasnt planning on walking long distances or anything.

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I think you will be fine straight away my dr suggested to keep walking around I was walking everyday after the op it was only very light walking around the house or to the shops I found it hard to open doors on my own and lift objects but I think if u live a busy lifestyle sometimes when you stop doing everything it sends your body into shock for the first day I needed to get the bf to pull up and Down my pants to go to the toilet and to wipe my vagina lol but then I just wore a skirt with no undies and was fine after that I'm 3 months post op and mine look great no issues at all with them ;)

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