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Let me apologise if I am in the wrong forum but I am a male looking for a surgeon who can remove the breast tissue I have on my chest. I got a quote from an Adelaide surgeon and was shocked with the cost aka $15k.

He advised that the proceedure would be liposuction, a small incision to remove the actual tissue and relocation of the skin surrounding the nipple to a higher position on my chest as he believes there will be too much skin for it to retract.

Theres no way I can afford a treatment that costs that much so my options are search around to try to find a good surgeon who can do it a lot cheaper in Adelaide, fly to Thailand for the treatment or continue to wear shirts when I swim.

Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure if I'm any help at all, but I would get a few different quotes first and also ask your GP if there's anyway it can be covered (some procedures are depending on why you need the surgery)so not sure if too much female breast tissue is covered?

If you dont have any success there, then Thailand would be your next best option and am still considering overseas myself.

good luck

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Hi Temple,

Wow, that is a really expensive quote. Who was that with? What they are talking about is sounding like a actual breast reduction.

I do think sometimes you get what you pay for though. The first surgeon I saw in Adelaide was $2k cheaper than anyone else but his work was pretty crap!

After reading wantbbs's post, I think it may be worth contacting that surgeon in Perth, as it sounds like they did a great job at a good price.

Or maybe check out some other surgeons here or in Thailand. In the end I decided for peace of mind, I wanted my surgery done here, but I heard so many good things about Dr Poomee in Thailand, so he is worth emailing I think.

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woah that is expensive, i would have thought that you could possibly get a medicare rebate on some of it :(

Im so sorry that you have to cover up at the beach etc, it is not a nice feeling to be embarrassed by something on your body you cant help.

I hope you are able to get a consultation with another surgeon who is much more affordable or else i have seen first hand the wonderful work thai surgeons have done

good luck

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