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I would love to hear how you go because I've only heard good things apart from one person telling me that someone else had told them that he only does one type of look and that's a natural look I don't think I want that natural look I think I want a little more of the fake look if you no what I mean (?) I would love to go with Hewitt but that is the only thing that's my concern

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I found it :)

I had my consultation with Tim Hewitt today - such a nice guy!.

I was pretty sure I was going to need a lift,but when he did his measurements,I was on the border of needing a lift. My nipples are in the right place,it's just a tiny bit of saggy skin at the bottom that he hopes is going to fill nicely with a good sized implant. The joys of having kids!.

So I tried the 250cc,350cc and 400cc on,and we were both happy with the 350cc. He is hoping that the excess skin will be filled out by implant.

Most probably going to use textured silimed implants.

Very excited!!. Just need to organise a time for surgery. Most likely around June/July.

But...hubby has just emailed me saying he wants us to go on a holiday OS this year (kid free),and has come back to the Thailand idea. I don't know,I don't want to leave bub alone,she will only be 12 mths old when I want the surgery.

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