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Please Any Advice ?

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Hi everyone, Ive contemplated having breast implants since having my 4th daughter 10yrs ago but always put it in the back of my head as the cost are just way out of reach. But lately been hearing a lot about having them done overseas at really good prices. I have been reading a bit on this forum as well and some of the doctors sound really good. The only issue now is ive not long turned 40 but do get told a lot i look a lot younger, Im thinking now i prob would need a lift as well im not sure atm..Im a b cup and aint in the best shape. I do sometimes wonder if i should be even worry at my age, but i do really want them done so i think i will go ahead once i make up my mind on which surgeon to go with. If anyone here that could give me advice on the best doctors in thailand to go with i would really appreciate it. Also would be nice to here of anyone thats had these proceedures and how the outcomes were. Thanks :)

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Hi! I think if its something you really want go for it! Regardless of age, everyone wants to enjoy their breasts :)

I know of a few women (your age) going overseas and not getting a lift, just a larger implant and it does fill them out and you may not require a lift, although you would have to speak to (email.. Whichever) a surgeon for their professional opinion .. And even then you may be booked for a lift and upon arrival and consultation decide you dont need one.

Good luck!

I am going to bangkok thru Bangkok Makeovers, all the surgeons they book for are really good..

There are a few agencies or you can book direct thru the hospital, depending on personal preference..

I liked the idea of having someone walk me thru the entire process, pick me up from the airport and take me to follow ups etc as opposed to organising everything on my own, which is cheaper, but scary!

I think there is also agencies called: cosmeditour, global health travel, not sure of the others but just search it

On here and therell be reviews and recommendations

Happy researching!

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I'm 40 in March and I just had mine done BA .... Doc recommend I have a lift as well but I didn't end up doing it ....I think at 40 most of us have had our families and our boobs don't look that crash hot after breast feeding that is oh well mine didn't ... so anything is an improvement for me ... I am happy with what I have now ......


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Thankyou im feeling more inspirated from you lovely ladies, Just gets a little scary at times especially if they suggest i do need a lift and doing the two proceedure at once.

Im thinking i may go with dr boonchai, Dr Poomee or Dr Teerasit its very difficult deciding the right doctor... They sound as good as one another but then there are a few others i thought sounded great as well. mum05 yours as turned out amazing.. i would be so pleased if mine turned out as good. Has anyone used piac and are they any good ?

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