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Hi there my name is Kayla I'm wishing to share my experience and get some guidance on having my Breasts done back in December of 2011.

I had did my Plastic Surgeon research and chose to go with Dr. Robert Turner in Winnipeg Manitoba. I had schedueled my consultation with Dr Turners assistant Marla. During the consultation I had discussed my overall goal of what I wished to have as my outcome from the procedure. I was a 34B at the time and was looking to get a more fuller bust and be no larger than a D cup due to me being smaller boned. Dr. Turners assistant based on what I told her suggested the following sizes that in her mind would be best suitable - 450CC, 500CC and 550CC. Trying on the sizers I chose the 500CC implant with no knowledge of how this may or not be suitable I relied on Dr. Turners assistant to give me guidance on achieving the overall appearance of having a breast augmentation done. Marla suggested then to upsize to 550CC to achieve the look of a 500CC.

I originally booked my surgery for May 2011, I had to cancel it due to a family loss. Needless to say I lost my $500.00 deposit because they found my reasoning unsuitable to return my deposit.

I returned and schedueled my surgery in December 2011 and officially had 550CC high profile implants placed in. After spending a total of $6,150 I am left with a overally large 34 DD chest. I am so unbelievably unsatisfied. Due to no longer living in Manitoba I schedueled to meet with Dr. Turner in November 2012 to discuss downsizing. Dr. Turners assistant no longer working at the Surgeons office I dealt with a new assistant. She stated to me after revealing being unsatified with my mutilated breasts she said that I chose a large implant and the average size of implants that are chosen are in the range of 350CC and 450CC. I felt so mislead by the original assistant whom suggested me the 550CC implant and not only am I left with ginormous boobs but I also found out that I have Bilateral Capsular Contraction which meeting with my Surgeon he never disclosed this matter to me I found out through E-mail when seeking financial information on what it would cost to downsize or have the implants removed and get a breast lift.

I'm so beyond words unsatisfied, I'm a female in my 20's and I felt I was so mislead into getting this surgery done thats left me with overly large boobs that are so unsatisfying, shapeless and saggy.

When discussing with Dr. Turners new assistant about wishing to just have my implants removed and have a breast lift she returned back to me stating it would cost me $4,805.25 a total of $10,950.25 to have my breasts placed back to there original condition!!! I'm so upset because I feel as though they do NOT wish to accomidate me being so unsatisfied and just want to get money from me. I am in my 20's I can't afford this and now I not only have HUGE boobs but I have capsular contraction that leaves me in PAIN...

If anyone has any guidance or advice on what I should do it would be much appreciated!!!!

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I would go see a few different surgeons so you have lots of professional opinions, advice and options.. I wouldn't go back to the same surgeon who originally put them in.. Good luck love! Hope it is all sorted for you quickly and you are able to find the funds to pay for your next op.. Xx

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Hi kayla,

This is an australian forum so we won't be able to help you in regards to your specific dr but I agree that you should seek help from a different plastic surgeon, most would usually be willing to help you more than your current PS.

Have you tried the just breast implants forum? There are lots of women from different countries there and they may be able to offer you some more advice.

I really hope you get your problem resolved quickly

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