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Post OP pics are UP!!!

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Hi lovely ladies!! my post op pics are finally up.

Feel free to have a look, I went 435cc under muscle, braz.

I am still going to upload so many more photos in days to come - I just love them! I cannot wait until they settle and fluff etc.

Also to help with breathing I had to buy a size 16 crop top !! (usually size 8/10) and I can breathe wonderfully yet the girls are still firm.

:) Thanks for all your help - could not have done it without you guys xo.

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Hi, Hope you dont mind but have sent you a FR, would love to see your new girls!!

I have my initial consult with Dr H next week, very excited :)

Hello :) Nope, dont mind at all.

Keep in mind that it's only post op day 2 and they still need to settle, drop and fluff..

Dr H is amazing (especially his staff/nurses) - I would highly recommend him! Hope your consult goes well!

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