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Tummy Tuck surgeons In Brisbane

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Hello Ladies,

I have 2kids, Im 90kgs and size 16.

I have always watched my weight yo-yo over the years, From Being 60kgs before I Had my First Child to Balloon out to 101kgs by the time she was 1yr old,

I have always struggled to get the weight off.. I Now (and have been for the past 6yrs) sit between 85-90kgs, and had always have a problem with my tummy, it now sags which i believe is due to my 2nd pregnancy where I carried low.

I have always been very self aware of My Boobs and Tummy, And I though that after having my Boobs done that I wouldnt be so aware or self aware of it,

Let me just say that I have a new found confidence after my BA (I know im only 6wks Post op, and still asymmetrical, but my body looks more in porpation then before)

So Now I'm thinking that i should of had the TT at the same time.

So here are my question:

Who is a Good surgeon for TT - My ps DR Scarlett does them. but just seeing if there was another that has a great record,

whats the recovery time?

I dont know what other questions i have,

I know that my New tattoo will be ok, and that he will move my belly button, remove my tummy roll/flab tighten my tummy muscles.

What other questions should i have asked,

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Hey Vicki,

Recovery time will come down to how much work needs to be done. If your muscles are fine and not seperated and it's just skin removal the recovery will be a lot quicker. Although if you want any lipo with that might be a longer recovery.

I had my PS draw on me to show me how big and far my scar would be so you know what your gettin.

Good luck finding a surgeon your happy with.

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For my TT I used Andrew Jenkins :o) He is Brisbane based and I love him. His after care is AMAZING and he is such a caring surgeon. I have also heard Dr Cockburn is good here in Brisbane I have a friend who had her TT done through him and she had amazing results also. GOOD LUCK, I had major muscle damage after having twins hence why I exercised and exercised and couldnt get my tummy back to flat and normal.....I hated my stomach for years and years so now its lovely and flat (I am 6 weeks post op) it has made a HUGE difference to me and how I feel about myself (and not wearing preggy tops because I ashamed of my stomach).

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