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What else don't I know?!

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So when I read the surgeon fact sheets about TT, they talk about the discomfort afterwards, but until I came on here I didn't know about having to sleep upright. I hadn't even considered when I could shower, swim (or just immerse myself in the pool or ocean) or go for a jog. So..

How long do I have to sleep upright for? Is it semi reclined or more like an airplane seat (please no!)?

When do I get to shower? I'm having a breast lift too so will I even be able to dry myself for the first week?

When can I get my scars wet in the pool or at the beach?

When will I be up to proper swimming? A gentle jog?

When can I pick up my toddlers (10 and 14kg)?

Thanks in advance for your answers and help :)

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Even though there is discomfort, it's only for a short while and totally worth it!

Sleeping - not upright, just a high pillow and a pillow under the knees for about 2 weeks or so u til you can lay flatter.

I had a shower day four and just a sponge bath until then. You will be able to dry yourself. You will need help putting the compression garment back on. I wasn't really mobile till day three and I wasn't keen on the nurses showering me so I waited till I went home so I could take my time.

Swimming is about week 6 but no lap swimming or abdominal work for 3 months.

Jogging you could probably do from week 8

Kids you could pick up around week six

I had a tummy tuck and breast lift and I'm currently week six. Above is based on my experience and my surgeons recommendation. Your surgeon may advise different

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Hi flattummytime

It seems all surgeons have diffferent ways of doing things, but I can tell you what I did/was instructed to do.

The morning after surgery I was up showering with all tapes off and washing, well letting water run over me lol. Then nurses redressed with gauze only. Day 2 I was showering myself, albeit very slowly lol.

In the hospital it is easier to sleep as you can adjust the bed to a certain height, when I got back to the hotel about day 5 I had two pillows under my head and one either side of me and a small one under my feet. By about day 10 I was feeling game and rolling slightly to the side wedged with pillows. First night home in my own bed, day 15, I slept on my side YAY, still cautious and not 100% comfortable and confident, but now, about day 22 I am sleeping much better, almost propertly on my side :) I still wedge pillows but wake up and Ive moved in my sleep lol.

Swimming, mm, not sure about a pool and chlorine, but Id have no problem at the beach as I think the salt would actually be good for any wounds. At 22 days my TT is all closed up and BL scars are pretty much closed too, with just one or two tiny scabs.

I am doing housework, grocery shopping etc, but I dont think Id want to pick up anything that was 15Kg yet. My grandson is 10kg and when he wriggles around it scares me a bit as I feel like stitches will split or wounds will open. I have lifted him out of his cot but its not something Id want to do as a full time Mum.

All the above is based on me, and from what I have read some people heal both better and worse than I did. I think you just have to wait and see how you go, but dont push yourself, the more you can relax and keep your feet up and swelling down the better and quicker you will heal.

Good Luck "_

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I was similar to Imkaren. My surgeon wanted me up and about after 12 hours. But then I had a severe reaction to the antibiotics they gave me and threw up the first 2 days. I took charge and told the hospital NO more anti nausea meds (or any meds for that matter)-I had no pain meds after my op except what they gave me in surgery but then this is surgery number 15 for me (Ive got Endo, cysts etc so different kind of surgery but none the less surgery). I felt VERY tight afterwards and not alot of pain. I was showering on the second day and believe me it was AMAZING LOL REALLY makes you feel better!

As for the lifting etc I am a personal trainer and have found it hard just sitting around recovering! Lifting wise my surgeon said after 6 weeks I can lift within reason-so your toddlers would be in that category.

As for swimming and jogging etc......swimming I was allowed to go at 2 weeks BUT it had to be a clean pool ie home pool after 4 weeks I could go to a public pool (my scar was healed well and the tapes were taken off). Jogging I wont be until 8 weeks because I know all too well scar tissue wont be strong enough really until around the 3 month mark so I will be taking it easy even at 8 weeks.

My surgeon said no beach swimming until after 6 weeks. As far as sleeping oh yes you will be on your back first 2 weeks at least with your legs propped up BUT I highly recommend my surgeons advice which is to stretch out on a wall-make yourself lovely and flat as this REALLy helps with the back pain (and a heat pad too!) GOOD LUCK!

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