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Batty Girl

What is the REAL deal with smoking before BA??

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So! In regards to smoking before breast augmentation I have heard many different things. I have heard that the nicotine is the problem and that is what effects healing, however you are still able to use nicotine patches and gum. Isn't nicotine out of your body completely after 24hours from your last cigarette?

I have surgery on Monday and I will not be touching another one however over the last two weeks I have had very minimal, much less than usual and I was wondering will this help me at least? I am terrified it means my boobs won't heal etc :( My friend who is a nurse said being young I will heal fine and do the best I can to cut down.

Do you think I will be safe considering I am having no more and absolutely will not have any after surgery during the healing process? I feel maybe it is more important not to smoke after than before?

Thanks girls x

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