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Turns out I've got slight capsular contraction

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Hi ladies,

So I posted a few days ago about should I have a redo/upgrade before having kids and am happy to report you were all spot on the money and Dr. C also says wait until after I have my last child and then upgrage. BUT he examined me and found I have slight capsular contraction in my right breast. I don't know if any of you have this but i've always had one perfect boob and one that bugs me? have any of you had that?

So my right breast has swollen twice due to injury - usually from me over exercising and ripping my pecs which inflames my boob - but only my right. I had to have it aspirated twice from swelling - once 3 years in and another 3 years later - there was no infection of anything it was apparently because of injury. Anyway the last time it swelled it never returned to its original size so instead of my usual perfect pair my righty has been a tiny bit bigger - not even a cup just a bit. Anyway here I was thinking it was just because of the last injury but nope its capsular contraction.

I thought capsular was meant to hurt and your boob gets higher and looks distorted? I have none of that? I also thought you had to get it removed immediately but Dr. C says mine is minor so don't worry about and once i've had my kids we will do a capsulectomy and get it out then. Is this normal? i'm just a bit shocked.


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have only just joined but my story might be similar. I've had my implants 16 years. 6 years ago my right breast was firm and seemed swollen after very vigorous floor scrubbing.clearly it settled and both breast were soft. Now its happened again and a weekend of cleaning walls and oven seems to have done it.I'm off to the doctor for assessment.Just prior to that I was at a training class and when i went to the ground to do push ups felt a slight twinge in that breast. Thinking perhaps capsular cocntraction may have been the problem and this has aggravated it. what doe they do to relieve it. 

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