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May 2013 BA Phuket opinions?? anyone else in May ??

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Hi Girls,

I'm brand new on here, I'm planning on having a BA in Phuket in May 2013. I'm going with my bf and we have booked flights already, we are planning about 10 days holiday first then 12days to recover.

I think I want it done at PIAC with either Dr V, Dr Sanguan or Dr Boonchai, I was wondering what agencies other girls have gone through and what fee's they had to pay? Atm I'm considering CosMediTours or Truly Medical Getaways. Has anyone else used these agencies? How where they and did they have a service fee? Or should I just book direct with PIAC??

I'm 170cm, 63kg and a-b cup wanting to be full c small d. I'm thinking maybe 385-400cc silicone round textured under muscle, breast fold.

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated as I really want to book in as soon as possible so I can get the dates I want. There are so many agencies I'm getting a bit confused!

Thanks so much!!

Starflower x:confused:

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I am booked in with Dr.Sanguan on the 6th of Feb. I have booked directly through PIAC and they have been amazing, they are in the middle of organising my transport and help me out with ANY information I need. I am SO excited and nervous at the same time. We have similar body features, weight, height etc. I am new to this forum but will be posting my whole journey :)


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