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Bumrungrad Hospital - Dr Teerasit - Bangkok

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What a long journey it is to go from "I think I'm going to get BA" to where I am at now.....

I have been to surgeons in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, I have been to Bangkok and back in all of my research.

What I would like to know is has anyone had Breast Augmentation and a Lift with a Dr Teerasit? He is with Bumrungrad Hospital.

I am revisiting Bangkok again as the cost of him doing the same procedure is 1/3 to 1/4 less than in Australia.

I have been told that shold in 5 years something go wrong the surgeons over here will be hesitant to fix?

Can anyone give me a good experience story on Bumrungrad Hospital? and Bangkok surgeons.

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I had my BA done by Dr T in December last year. Bumrungrad was amazing, so clean, the staff were so efficient and it really is an amazing hospital with awesome facilities.

I did have to get my implants explanted but that was of no fault of Dr T's. He did a really great job with my breasts and I was really happy with them size and shapewise. He and his wife Juree are really great people and have continued to help me even after I had my implants taken out.

Since I had a lot of problems I expected to have some issues finding a surgeon here to help me. Did not happen at all, I was looked after and helped here regardless of where I had my BA done (so I think that may be a bit of a myth).

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