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1st day of surgery

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hi ladies, first of all i want to apologise for my lack of posting!

i have literally been sleeping all day nearly haha. i did have time to type up my first day experience (if youre bored and have time - have a read) it may or may not make sense as i am heavily under the influence of drugs lol.

Day 1 (Day of surgery):

Morning I woke up, felt quite neutral about the whole thing until I saw Brisbane City and reality kicked in. I walked into the clinic and Sharan was talking me through the whole post op process and what to expect - she ran me through the course of drugs I will be taking , she was very informative and helpful. Before I knew it I was in the theatre room trying on my 435ccs and comparing them to the 380ccs.. there wasnt really any difference between the two, but the second I tried on the 435s i noticed i had more side boob.. and i was so ecstatic with them i decided in a heartbeat they were the ones i wanted. Dr Harwood advised me that they may not fit me and if they didnt i could choose 425XHP or 380cc HP, I said if all else fails I would prefer the 380s... So by this stage I was unsure as to whether or not he was going to be able to fit in my dream 435s. Right before surgery, the lovely young nurse there put my catheter in and then they proceeded to put the first half of anesthetic in my arm... I felt like I was absolutely WASTED DRUNK! Haha, the room was spinning...

I was reallly pleased how they allowed my partner to sit in the chair right beside me patting my hair while they put all the drugs into me, he was asked kindly to step outside so they could start operating! I thought that was fabulous, i felt so safe with my partner there. Before I knew it, I was asleep. I woke up... I looked down at my chest, I dont remember thinking they were very big.. But then again I dont remember anybody dressing me going to the recovery room.

How I felt straight after: Straight after surgery I was a little drowsy but not too bad. On the 1 1/2 hr drive home I started feeling quite hot and was sweating a fair bit, I felt quite nauseous by this stage. My partner then cranked the air con in the car and I mean it was FREEZING but I loved it. The ride home was so quick - I obviously was falling in and out of sleep. When I arrived home I needed help getting out of the car. My partner tried feeding my some jelly that I had prepared the nght before, however the jelly didnt feel so good in my stomach so I just put it away and a couple of hours later he bought mcdonalds (chicken nugget meal, bite size pieces not a burger!)

I have been rotating 4 packets of pees - I have been putting 10 minutes directly on the front of my boobs, then 10 minutes on each side and then 10 minutes off. Getting up from the couch is a little difficult - I had to have my partner walk me to the bathroom and sit me down, I was able to do my thing and get up on my own, I was able to walk to the bathroom and wash my hands... although pushing down on the soap dispenser was a little painful... But otherwise pain is quite manageable and mild. I definitely expected the pain to be worse! Like I've said before, I've had period pains worse than this!

So that is my first day - have noted some dot points for slackers (like myself hehe) see below.

- Dr Harwood & his nurses were AMAZING - I felt so confident with them, i am really impressed.

- Surgery was over very quickly and I wasnt too drowsy for too long so I could easily talk with people and watch movies that night - Dr Harwood was so lovely and calming before surgery

- Pain is mild/manageable and rotating the pea packets DEFINITELY HELP!

- Have not thrown up once, I've reacted to the medication surprisingly well and I'm very greatful for that

- After surgery I smashed down 2 glasses of water so quickly, and had a biscuit & some jelly beans. For dinner I had a chicken nugget meal from mcdonalds & a mcflurry.

I thought it was really fantastic how they allowed my partner to be right by my side stroking my head right up until they were basically about to cut me open (until I passed out) lol. Put me at ease.

- I still havent seen my boobs yet - I am looking oh so forward to tomorrow when I have my first shower.

PLEASE NOTE: I highly recommend being in a room of air conditioning is extremely helpful as it reduces the blood and swelling, keeps the temperature down, and has helped with nausea. I feel 100% fine sitting in the couch with peas & air con. ALSO, I would not use heat packs until day 3 as this encourages blood and swelling. (As i was advised)

If I've left something out I will let you know - basically i've been very fortunate with my recovery so far, shall see how the next days treat me!

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Thanks for posting your story! That is so sweet how they let your partner come in and sit with you. I had eye surgery yesterday and lying on the table all alone while they got everything ready was really scary when I was already being a wuss and freaking out before I went in! I'll definitely ask if its an option for my BA! Glad to hear your recovery is going well xx

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Hey Just letting you know I loved reading your story.. gives me a insight of what I have to face soon.. Bite sized meals sound good.. hear i was thinking about getting a steak lol.. Your boobs turned out amazing and I'm glad everything went pretty well for you and your partner has been supportive. Jelly sounds amazing.. thats a good idea. you'll have to post part 2 of your story :)

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Its really a walk in the park considering the outcome, isn't it? The pain generally isn't that bad and the medication they give helps 100% When I got mine done by day 3 I was up and vacuuming the house with no problems! I'm so glad you aren't in too much pain and can walk around a little bit. Nothing worse then being stuck on the couch/bed for hours!

Would love to see more piccies too :) Congratulations on your new tatas!!!

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