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Little tips to make surgery easier.

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Hey everyone :)

Yesterday evening I had surgery on both of my eyes to correct my left eye, it gets a bit lazy when I'm bored/tired/not focusing and floats off to the side and up, and also gives me headaches when reading. Its not constant but it always annoyed me.

My boyfriend and I chose to look at it as a little practice run surgery before my BA in June.

I thought I'd share a couple of things that made surgery/recovery a bit easier, and encourage other people to leave comments with their tips too :)

Double check the hospital has all the right contact numbers.

My appointment got pushed back and they called my Dad who is working away, not me :/

Eye masks are a life saver!

I'm useless at sleeping during the day or in weird situations. I got one for $5 from the chemist which made a world of difference sleeping last night. I woke up for my pain meds and the loo but in total got about 12 hours sleep.

If you need more pain meds, hassell your doctor until you get them.

I have a pretty low pain threshold, and the surgery I had is usually performed on children who generally don't find it as painful. I got given oxyconton when I was asleep, but was told to just take nurofen and panediene at home. Today I was still in so much pain so I asked for stronger stuff and the surgeon didn't want to give them to me! Luckily my boyfriend stood up for me & I'm now so much more comfortable.

Clean sheets are amazing after surgery! Haha, Tim changed the sheets this morning and it made me feel so much better!

Hope this isn't a pointless post just thought it'd be good to share a few things for people who haven't had many/any operations before.

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