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What was the 5 things you couldnt live without after the op?

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* Travel neck pillow ($9 at Kmart)

* Boomerang Pillow - helped to stay propped up during the night

* Ice packs (little packs of 3 for $6 from supermarkets) - perfect size for putting in your cleavage or tucking under your arms where it hurts most

* Books/movies - It's boring for the first few days where you can't move much (you do sleep a lot but it's good to have something else to do

* My phone - lifting up my laptop wasn't fun for the first few days so I did most stuff on my phone.

Hope that helps :)

Oh, and make sure you have snacks. Some of the drugs you have to take with food so its easier if you have a snack food rather than making something.

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Ambz get an iphone so we can skype each other.. Ill be a few

Weeks into recovery when you are in the first week up at goldy so we'll be able to check out our racks and compare :) im getting skype set up in feb so i can

Skype michael and livy while in thailand so would be fun we can just chat all day :) xxx

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While in hospital: Gossip Mags to read while waiting for surgery, your phone, internet & charger.

Once home: Laxatives, water, fresh fruit -cant stress the importance of a clear bowel..I felt so bloated & yuck. Someone to watch bad TV with you & keep the kids occupied lol Also some one to wipe benches, vacume & dust..seriously!

At the risk of sounding corney...this website really kept me sain in the leadup to surgery & afterwards all my lovely breast buddies kept me company

on my journey to recovery. My friends & family never really understood what I was going thorugh as much as you forum ladies :)

Thanks to you all for being there for me ;)

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Hayley, I used the neck pillow for sleeping. Had a normal pillow then the boomerang on top to put my arms on then my neck pillow for my head. Kept me more upright. Once I could side sleep I used it to cup the bottom boob the other side of the U shape supported the top one so they didn't ache. I still use it now to hug to my chest for a bit of extra support, feels a bit weird having big boobs pulling after not having anything ;)

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Everyone is different and your surgeon may have specific recommendations too. I gradually lowered my sleeping position to where I was comfortable. Your body will tell you. For me, I was able to sleep with one pillow at about 4 weeks, side sleeping 2.5 weeks. I was very surprised how comfy it was sleeping upright.

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- pea packets (they mold to the shape of your breast - i prefer them to the square ice packs - be sure to buy 4x 500g packs of peas though, so you can rotate. 10 mins on the side boob, 10 mins on front boob, 10 mins off.....

- water bottles, cold and with straws - you get really dehydrated very easily - and because youre on meds you will need to flush your system well

- boomerang pillow + 10 other pillows, i literally had a fort... and also the neck pillow (travel)

- honestly - a helping hand to get myself out of bed, to the toilet (to sit me down) ..getting dinnner and breakfast.

- movies - i tried books but i was too doped up to read i just could not concerntrate and it would make me feel ill.

for the record - please disregard my horrible punctuation as i am in a little bit of pain and can hardly move haha :) xxxxxx

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My hubby thinks he's going to have a relaxing week at home with xbox and junk food while I am in bed sleeping it off...I think he's got a shock coming!

From what you girls have suggested:

- He'll be on frozen pea rotation detail

- Pillow position duty

- Laptop recharger/positioner

- Shower and Toilet helper

- And my medication dispenser

If I decided to have my BA in Melbourne, I think I will have to teach him to prepare some healthy meals before the op. If I end up flying up to Brisbane, I'm worried it will be too easy to just eat junk, especially with the pain med munchies!

How are you girls coping with staying on track with your healthy diet?

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Very good idea too teach him to cook healthy Rory! I had eye surgery this week and I have eaten so much crap :( My boyfriends idea of easy healthy dinner is subway :/ Makes you feel terrible too because you're just lying around doing nothing at all. A couple of days before my BA I'm going to do a big food shop and make a heap of meals to freeze rather than eating take away again.

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