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Surgery booked and all paid- I know what I am getting now!

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Hey all :) I just went for my consult with Dr Mark Lee :) the appointment went perfect, Mark is excellent and Nikki is amazing as well as Melissa!

The first size I tried on was perfect and Mark said it will look amazing! I am getting under the muscle, Mentor, smooth round, 350cc which he said will bring me to a DD :)) I showed him the photos I have on my profile of what I want and he said u will absolutely get that even better!!!

I am so so excited!!! So thrilled!!! His before and afters were great too!

Surgery about 9am on Monday, will let u all know how I go and post afters!! X

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OH it's going to be an annoyingly long weekend for you hon:)

Your surgeon sounds terrific and very confident. Neither of my surgeons have seemed very confident with my outcome so maybe that's a sign that neither of them are right for me. I've still got 2 consults to go so fingers crossed.

Well I reckon you should pop open a bottle of bubbly and that will help you sleep tonight (are you allowed to drink?)

Can't wait to hear and see how everything goes.xxxxxx

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Hey Inde :)

I knowww! I am a no bullsh*t kind of person, everything I want I want it by tomorrow :p

So all up for Mentor under muscle 350cc, plus anethesist fees, plus hospital with overnight stay, plus the implants, surgeons fee, plus six weeks post op care, surgical bras and medication it came to about $11,900 :)

It is at SJGH (Private) in Subiaco :)

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OMG i just accidentely smash my keyboard - thats so cheap, my friend just had hers done with Dr. C for 15k, mine were with him 8 years ago for 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I get my upgrade i will definately visit your Dr for a quote - thats amazingly well priced. How exciting - have you thrown out all your old bras yet? how are you spending your last weekend with little boobs?

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