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I'm new! Need advice on textured overs and surgeon.

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Hey girls,

Although I signed up to this forum today, I have been reading it all week.

I recently had my first consultation with Dean Trotter (Plastic Surgeon) Melbourne.

My partner and I felt quite comfortable with him, he answered all of my questions about breast augmentation (I wrote them down) but when I got home I felt as if I had so many more questions to ask him!

I am currently size 8B, I used to be an 8C before I had a child (he is a year old) I also breast fed for two months.

I would like to be a D cup (nothing too big as I only weigh 43 kilos and i'm quite short).

Dean suggested that I get overs, 'cause I have plenty of breast tissue.

He told me that my nipples are exactly where they should be and that my skin will most likely heal very well.

I believe that I have good skin 'cause during pregnancy I put on 35 kilos and I have no stretchmarks and I went back to my original weight within a couple of week and my skin is tight just like it was before pregnancy.

Everything that he told me made a lot of sense, but when I read the quote it stated - 2x round textured Mentor implants.

Why textured? What is the difference between textured and smooth? I've been researching them but a lot of websites are American and confusing!

Have any girls had textured round overs?

If so, what are they like? Also, has anyone else heard of Dean Trotter? He was highly recommended to me by Breast.com.au (I called them and they organised everything).

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Firstly, I think it is important to book another consultation or two. Popular Melbourne surgeons on this forum are:

- Hamish Farrow

- Craig Rubinstein

- Mark Ashton (who was my surgeon)

- Tim Brown

Generally they say that for people with more breast tissue overs are suitable, although, your cup size and your weight (you're teeny tiny) makes me wonder. Are your boobs deflated, so to speak? Sometimes thats when surgeons use overs to really fill out the deflated breast. I'm no surgeon though of course, but thats why I would suggest another consultation just so you can compare the two.

I have textured unders and I chose them because they are more firm, and don't move as naturally (like smooths).

I think another consult would be the way to go like I said to compare! Good luck x

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Hey Cbrni,

Thank you for replying.

I was originally going to go through Mark Ashton 'cause my friend was telling me great things about him but I was put off a little by the look of her implants. She has a very similar

body to mine but I don't think her new boobs look very good at all. They almost look flat... they sit lower than fake boobs usually do and they look too natural. She had textured unders with drainage tubes inserted and she went from a B cup to a double D. Her boobs look big but even with a push-up bra she cannot create cleavage, and I love cleavage so that look is not for me.

I am quite tiny but I have good breast tissue. My breasts didn't deflate after breastfeeding, they just lost their perfect round shape that they once had.

I had another two friends who went through Tim Brown and their boobs look very fake. One friend went from an A to DD (unders) and she has constant rippling, and they now look quite spread apart after only two years of having them. She went back to him and explained her worries about the implants and he was very rude to her and brushed her off quickly. She told me he was only nice until he got his money.

My quote with Dean Trotter was only 10k which is what I can afford but I really can't afford to get second oppinions as the consultations are not cheap and I live 3 hours from Melbourne and struggle to travel with a one-year-old.

Dean Trotter comes to my town once a month for consultations which is very helpful for me.

I have researched him and read good things but I don't know anyone who has had him as a surgeon.

He seems very nice but I would love to knoe if anyone else had heard of him.

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Hi littleblonde,

I'd agree with cbrni, I'd get a 2nd opinion... after all, when you put in perspective how much money you'll spend, $200 it's not really that much money.

As cbrni pointed out, texture implants do not move as much... this is perceptible specially when you're laying down as smooth implants would move to the sides as natural breasts would. Textured would stay 'perky' if you know what I mean.


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The problem with ladies getting there boobs done is they have unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day you're boobs are only going to be as good as the boobs you have pre op, 'just improved', if that makes sense. Perhaps thats why your friend had an undesirable outcome in your eyes.

Either way, if you are looking for a more natural look i'd book in with Craig. I did see him and would have gone to him had I not found Mark. I just found Craig a little too conservative size wise - still a great surgeon - many girls on the forum have fantastic results.

I know you mentioned issues about money and travel but like sezzy mentioned at the end of the day putting it into perspective its worth it. Trust me, I jumped at the thought of thailand surgery for around 5k! Then I changed my mind to stay in Aus (mainly for post op care reasons), found Dr. Harwood (who has AWESOME results) but I am based in melbs and he is bris, really the reason I considered travelling there was because he has an all inclusive package for 9,500.

But then I decided to put money aside as a factor. I ended up spending close to $14k and I couldn't be happier. I know I have had top quality treatment and surgery!

At the end of the day it is your decision, but you need to be confident in it and your surgeon :)

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Thanks ladies!

I think I might try and look into getting a second oppinion.

I don't mind spending between 10 to 12k on surgery but anything more would be out of my budget as i'm paying cash.

I just bought a new house so every cent really does count. I would never go to a dodgy surgeon to save money, so I went through breast.com.au and they helped me find a surgeon that suited my needs.

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