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help- has anyone here travelled alone abroad to get rhioplasty?

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What sort of service should I be lookin when lookin for a hotet to stay in?

I'm going interstate alone to get rhinoplasty and I' m planning to stay there for a week or 2 to give myself time to recover and get the splint removed. I dont want to jump on a plane with a swollen face. I'm planning to stay overnight at the hospital after surgery.

I'm more worried about my specific meals (ones recommended after surgery by my surgeon) and having someone to prepare it during my stay. The hotels ( or apartment rooms) have their own bathroomt and kitchens but I dont think ill have the enegy in the first few days to do anything at all.

Should I be considering other things or preparing things if staying alone?

I'm going to arrive 2 -3 days before surgery, buy all my groceries, icepacks etc store them in my room .

Whats a catering service?

Also, is it cheaper to post your belonging (clothes, towels, toiletries) via post to the place you're going to be staying at rather than taking it on a flight?

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Wow. This must be costing you LOADS for accommodation, travel, surgery, and hospital stay!! I considered doing that, but I decided to get it done in my own state, SO much easier. Anyway, I'm 8 days post op... DEFINITELY prepare meals for 1-3days post op. I was lucky enough to have my mother look after me for the whole week. I had zero energy to go anything. Everytime I got up to either go to the bathroom, or change my drip pad I felt like I was going to faint!

Ps why would you post your towels if you're staying at a hotel?

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