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BA and Hairdressing

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Hi Ladies,

after 2 visits and 1 email to 3 differnt drs, I have decided I will be getting a BA with a lift. 2 Drs said lift, 1 didnt.. So anyhow, I'm very excited and nervous!! So my question is - How long realisiticly would I need off work? I work from home, so I don't do a full days work. I'm a hairdresser so I am just trying to work out how I will work this around all my clients.. I would do 1-2 people per day, at 2ish hours each. My arms would be up and moving for probably about half of that time..? I'm not really wanting to tell them all what I'm having done, so would love to make it fit into my lifestyle as easily as possible... Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Kirstyleigh,

I'm no hairdresser and haven't had a BA just yet ;) but I know from my friends experiences that there's no way they could even wash themselves properly in the shower for the first week to 2 weeks let alone do other people's hair. They both took 2 weeks off work, but I guess everyone's different. Maybe take a couple of weeks just to be safe? I think I would take at least 2. Good luck :)

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Hey there, I am a hairdresser! I own my own business, like you I don't want to inform my clients although I'm sure they will notice! Ha . I am booked in on the 13th feb, I only do 3 days a week and looking at having a week off! I'm thinking that i should be ok to colour but I doubt blow drying will be an option for at least 2 weeks! When are you booked in? Who did u decide to go with for your surgeon?

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