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Lipo done twice in same area

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I had liposculpture on my tummy in late 2011. Although my plastic surgeon did an awesome job, I would like more fat removed from the area. He suggested that the best way forward was a tummy tuck. Although considering, I was just curious if any one has had lipo done on their stomach more than once, and what were the results like?



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I am actually thinking the same thing although on my inner and outer thighs. Im currently 11 days post op and although i noticed a slight difference for the first few days after, now they seem to be swollen and it wont friggin budge no matter what i do....maybe im being too impatient, but im considereing more lipo and to get my tummy and flanks done to.....

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I think, taking liposuction on same area can be risky. My grandma had lipo two times on the same location under shoulder and in the second time, she was infected! I don't know the exact reason of causing infection, perhaps because of lack of proper care and attention after the liposuction surgery.

If you are really conscious about stomach fat, then do tummy tuck surgery. It would flatten your tummy and retain your original body curve.

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