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Telling children about upcoming surgery?

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I'm just wondering how,or if you told your kids about your surgery?.

We have an 11yr old girl (my step daughter who lives with us full time), a 10 yr old girl,8 yr old boy,7 yr old girl and 7 mth old girl.

I know i need to tell them,i cant just let them notice? I'm just worried,especially with the eldest girl as she is very into looks and body image right now,what sort of message I would be sending across to her.

Any advice?

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This has been brought up before and the comments that were left were on the lines of, make it all positive and say that you'd like to have the books that you had before breast feeding. And that breastfeeding was a wonderful thing however now you'd like to feel comfortable again. If I had to explain to my kids who are both boys and under 4, so that's still a way away just yet, then I'd say that my boobs make me uncomfortable because they fall out of things and get in the way because they are so floppy :) ie when they jump on them or lie on them in bed. Hope this helps some what. It is a very difficult thing. Saying that at mother's group the other day my friend said to her 4 year old girl that I was gonna have bigger books next time she saw mw and that they were going to cut them stuff them and sow them back up. Her 're action was no they aren't! She could believe it but didn't seem fazed but I would have said that to my little girl ;) but them sometimes the truth is the best and most respectable thing to put across.

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