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Looking to get German Furries in Asia

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Hi, just like my title, I'm saving my money with the goal to get breast implants in Asia. The best I can get for approx $6000 Australian dollars.

Anyone's advice/tips/warnings would be welcome and very appreciated.

Tear Drop shaped German/Brazilian Furries is what I THINK I want. The size and look I want is nearly too big for my frame. DD or even E cup size. I am a C atm. It will be my first Cosmetic Surgery.

Thanks all. 


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Honestly, don't get them in Asia. The problem with having surgery overseas is there is no aftercare. Once your surgery is done & you fly home, there is nothing your surgeon can do if you happen to have any issues or complications.  

Plastic Surgeons in Australia are very highly trained, I can even give you a recommendation for the best Plastic surgeon (in Australia, in my opinion) who has the skills & experience with Polyurethane implants that you want in Australia. He practices in both Brisbane & Melbourne. 

And also remember, when it comes to surgery, you do get what you pay for. Cheapest is not always safest, most experienced or most capable. Even if you need to save up a little more to afford going to a surgeon in Australia, I think it is worth it.

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Thanks Alana. I'll ask you a couple of questions I a day or two about what you mentioned and the surgeons that you recommend.

Are you speaking from personal experience?

I plan on paying for aftercare through a surgery/aftercare/all expenses "holiday" experience. Have you heard of these deals?

Chat soon! Thanks again. Stay safe. ✌

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