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What are the garments that you need after BA? and what are they for?

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Hi everyone,

Just thought I'd make a post as I am slightly confused about the garments that you need post op and their function. I know that doctors may suggest different things. So far I've heard about the surgical bra, compression garment, need for crop tops. Can you wear a crop top instead of the surgical bra?

Also, how long do you wear these garments for?

Also the tape for the incisions - do they need to be changed by you? Or does the surgeon do it?

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Hi pamelala06;

All surgeons decide which garments they like their patients to wear post-op. However, for many reasons it is advisable to wear a quality Post Surgical Pressure garment. The Marena B01 bra is made from surgical grade fabric with an anti-bacterial component built into the fibres to help prevent infection. It is generally recommended to wear these garment for 4 to 6 weeks post surgery 24/7. For further info, please PM me :)

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